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Lingerie comes in wild prints & cool colors, so why should nipple covers be confined to beige? Plain is perfect sometimes and boring others. Nippies are for the times you want to wear something fun, something funky, something a little sexy.

• Let a little sparkle catch someone’s eye under a slightly sheer shirt.
• Mix and match Nippies with your fave swimsuit and lingerie.
• Wear for nip-slip proof coverage with that super low v-neck dress.

The only nipple covers made from real lingerie fabrics.

• STRETCHY and form-fitting for stylish, wrinkle-free coverage.

• Self-adhesive stick for easy application. No glue or gunk left behind.
• Waterproof and sweat-proof hypoallergenic adhesive
• Wear 6-8 hours max.


1 pair pewter sequins & 1 pair pewter lame.  Each pack contains 2 coordinating pairs, 2 mini body jewelry "patch tests," and 4 protective nipple pads.

Whether your cups are copious or gamine, it’s all about how much flesh you want to flash. Use your cup size as a general reference, and keep your nipple size in mind. Looking to show some skin? Try something smaller. Modesty more your style? Go up a size.


Insider’s tip: The larger size can give the twins a little lift. Apply the bottom half of the Nippie to the lower half of the breast first, then gently lift and stick. Ta-da! Things should be looking up.


• The B cross measures 2.5"×2.5"
• The C cross measures 3"×3"

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